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We are an experienced, personable, accounting firm that prioritizes helping you achieve your goals. 


Do you owe the IRS money, or have you received IRS letters in the mail and don’t know why? These problems can be costly and hard to deal with on your own. We have years of experience resolving these issues and have saved taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. 


For your business to achieve its potential, the need for financial expertise is essential. Let us help provide experienced CFO services at a fraction of the cost of having your own in-house CPA. 


Whether you are a corporation, a partnership, or an individual, we are here to help you maximize your after-tax cash flow. Schedule a free consultation today so we can discuss strategies to take advantage of tax savings you may be missing out on. 


We provide a personalized payroll experience that complements your tax strategy. From the convenience of your phone, you will be able to pay employees and review payroll reports. 


Doug is a very organized accountant and knows his profession very well. I have known him for many years and he is one of the most honest people I have encountered.


We met with Doug for our small business and personal taxes.  We had an incredibly helpful whiteboard planning session where he demonstrated a more efficient tax strategy which resulted in significantly greater savings on both our business and personal taxes.  Doug responds to e-mails and phone calls promptly, is friendly, and always willing to answer questions.  We’ve worked with other CPA’s in the past and Doug has been the most impressive.  Wish we would have found him sooner!


(Doug) was very thorough in his work and was the “go-to” guy for those of us who were learning to use Excel and Access. His ability to teach, as well as his attention to detail is a great asset. Any project Doug is asked to work on will have a great outcome because of his knowledge and talent.


Doug gave a great deal of time and attention to ensuring that payments were accurate and costs were accurately reported. He was a key player in developing reports that fueled system wide change within the agency.


DOug Barclay,



Spencer Hall,

Account Manager

Mckinley Sorhus,

Executive Assistant